Enhancements Coming Soon to Online Banking

The following enhancements are examples of our commitment to continuously enhance our services and to make banking at Old Line Bank the best it can be. If you have any questions, please contact Client Care at 301-430-2550.

Old Line Bank is pleased to announce that beginning July 14, 2013 Online Banking will provide several new and improved features. Here is an overview of these enhancements.

  • Session Time-Out Notification
  • Usability Enhancements
  • Transaction Search by Amount

Session Time-Out Notification

This enhancement displays a time-out notification to Online Banking users. The Time-Out notification allows users to decide whether to continue their session. If the user decides to continue, the system resets the Time-Out counter. By default, the warning appears two minutes before the system logs out the user and redisplays the Login screen.

Account Detail

Usability Enhancements

To assist navigation in OLB, we added links on several screens to redirect users to the most used screens.

  • Removed Log-off Confirmation message.
  • Accounts Overview quick links –The Accounts Overview screen now includes a dynamic menu for each account (see screen shot below). The menu options are appropriate for the user’s entitlements as well as the Account Type. The menu options include the most likely tasks the user will perform on the account

Account Overview

Transaction Search by Amount

This enhancement allows users to search account history by amount, expanding the Transaction Search criteria to include a single amount, a range of amounts, amounts above a minimum amount, or amounts below a maximum amount.

Search Your Transaction History

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View a Demo of our new bill pay serivce: