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Heading image for Welcome Bay Bank Customers to Old Line Bank!

Welcome Bay Bank Customers to Old Line Bank! will now be your new home for online banking and a great resource for your banking needs. Feel free to explore our website and get to know how your team has grown to serve you better.

Accessing Online Banking

Want to log on to your Online Banking? Simply select the ‘Online Banking Login’ button on the top, right corner of your screen and find the Bay Bank login buttons.

Old Line Bank site with login button highlighted

What you need to know

Communication is important to us in serving our customers’ needs every day and that includes keeping you informed throughout the merger process. On this page, you will find the most up to date information on the merger. This includes copies of any correspondence you might receive.


Will there be any changes to the Bay Bank branch locations, staff or hours?
No, all locations will remain open with the same great staff and hours.

What happens now with my Bay Bank account?
Nothing at this point, it is business as usual. You may continue to conduct your banking as you always have. We plan to integrate the operating systems of both banks on June 1, 2018.

Will I need to order new checks?

No, you may continue to use your existing checks.

Will my loan with Bay Bank change?

The terms of your loan will not change but you will notice the following changes:

For a complete list of FAQ’s click here.

From Our President

Through the process of bringing the two banks together, our goal is to facilitate a smooth transition and allow customers to continue to perform banking transactions as normal. After the branches have been rebranded with the Old Line Bank name and logo, you will continue to see the same friendly and familiar faces that you’ve grown accustomed to servicing all of your financial needs.

— James W. Cornelsen, CEO

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