Online Banking

Online Banking is a powerful cash management tool provides that provides you access 24/7 to manage your entire banking relationship with Old Line Bank. Online Banking allows you to bank whenever and wherever it is convenient for you. The online banking suite of Cash Management products includes the following services:

Account Reporting

View balances for all your accounts instantly.  For details, click on a specific account for comprehensive transaction information. 

Account Transfers

Easily transfer funds between your accounts at Old Line Bank or at other banks. Set up templates to simplify reoccurring and scheduled transfers.

Bill Payment

Pay your company’s bills online and eliminate writing checks, buying envelopes or searching for stamps. Just set up your payees, key in payment amounts and click “Pay”. Bill Payment maintains records allowing you to quickly research payment histories. Add, change or delete payees at any time.

ACH Payments and Collections

Use the Transfer function to make ACH Payments to electronically pay employees via direct deposit, pay vendors, or reimburse employees for expenses. With ACH Collections, you can electronically collect scheduled payments, eliminating the labor and expense of invoices.

Cash Concentration

Use ACH to consolidate funds from other financial institutions into your Old Line Bank accounts.

ACH Federal and State Tax Payments

Electronically processing federal and state tax payments saves you time and money. Once you have registered in the IRS EFTPS program, use Online Banking to process your required tax payments.

Wire Transfers

Process wire transfers from your desk. Simply enter the wire transfer information into Online Banking and transmit that information to the bank. Wire transfer templates can be set up and saved for repetitive wire transfers, saving you time and eliminating keying errors.  System notifies you of all incoming and outgoing wire activity.

Stop Payments

Place a stop payment on a single item or a range of items with a few key strokes. 

View Images of Paid Checks

With one click you can view an image of the front and back of each check paid against your account. This feature allows you to monitor activity and reconcile your account without having to wait for your monthly statement.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Allows large volume ACH customers to see detailed addenda record information for ACH debits and credits that have posted to their account.  Has the ability to load information into many accounts receivable packages for automatic updating. Reports delivered via email or fax.

File Transfers

Transfer account information from Old Line Bank to various accounting packages such as Quicken and QuickBooks.

Loan Account Information

Access your Old Line Bank loans and lines of credit. View balances; make payments and advances on pre-approved Lines of Credit.


You control who within your organization can view banking information and/or process transactions. You can vary security levels depending on the job functions of your staff.

Customer Support

Online Banking is easy to use. If you do run into problems, help is at your fingertips. The system has help screens to guide you through most issues or you can contact customer support.