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Suhas R. Shah

Please have a representative contact me regarding the following:

Suhas R. Shah, CPA, is a principal and member of Source One Business Services, LLC, and has served in that capacity since 1986 and is a principal and shareholder of Regan Schickner Shah Harper, LLC. and has served in that capacity since 1986.

Source One Business Services, LLC provides cash flow and budgeting analysis, computer consulting and tax planning and preparation for corporations, individuals, estates and trusts, as well as litigation support, financial forecasts and merger and acquisitions advisory services to a variety of clients. Regan, Russell, Schickner & Shah, P.A. is a certified public accounting firm.

Mr. Shah has been a member of the Board of Directors of Old Line Bancshares. Inc. and Old Line Bank since January 2006. He currently serves on the Asset and Liability Committee and as Chair of the Audit Committee. The Board of Directors believes that Mr. Shah’s qualifications for these positions include his educational background, extensive experience with public and financial accounting matters, his financial expertise, his accounting certification and his affiliations with the business community in our market area.

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